Assam :

Geography, People, Biodiversity

Assam is one of the states of Northeastern India and geographically lies between 20051' N - 27058' N latitude and 89049' E - 97026' E longitude, is the home land of large number of diverse ethnic groups including 23 scheduled tribes, and has an area of 78,523 sq km with a population of 2.66 million as per 2001 census. The state has a humid subtropical climate, covered with tropical and subtropical forest to moist deciduous and dry deciduous forest. With almost impenetrable immense green landscape, the state is very rich in diversity of flora. Being a state of the eastern Himalayan biodiversity hot spot, Assam is very rich in biodiversity as well as traditional knowledge. About 80% of the population of Assam reside in rural areas and the people of these rural and remote localities by and large are still dependent on natural resources around them for their day to day life including their health care needs. Thus the use of herbs in curing ailments is a long and living tradition of the state.



A Database of Medicinal Plants of Assam