Glycosmis arborea (Roxb.) DC., Syn. G. pentaphylla Corr.

Family : Rutaceae

Local name : Chauldhoa (As.)

Deciduous shrub; leaves large, very variable, usually 3 - 5 foliate; leaflets ovate-lanceolate, ovate or obovate, obtuse or acuminate, penninerved, entire or obscurely crenulate; flowers small, white, fragrant, in erect terminal or lateral panicles; berry subglobose, white, pink, small.

Distribution   :  Very common in thickets near villages.

Uses :  Roots used in puerperal disease causing loosen of the bowel, otorrhoea and otalgia; leaves used in acidity and colic; stem used as tooth brush in toothache.


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