Clitoria ternatea L. 

Family : Fabaceae

Local name : Aparajita (As.)

Climber with slender terete downy stems; leaves imparipinnate, 3-7 foliate, petiolate; stipules small, lanceolate; leaflets ovate or oblong, obtuse, subcoriaceous; flowers showy, bright blue with an orange centre, or white; solitary, axillary; pods flattish, sparingly hairy, 6-10 seeded.

Distribution : Common as ornamental plant throughout the district.

Uses :  Whole plant used in hemicrania and elephantiasis; roots used in headache, menstrual irregularities, intestinal colic, ascites, goiter, whooping cough, leucoderma, to prevent natural aboration and for treatment of impotency of female.


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