Calotropis gigantea (L.) R. Br. 

Family : Asclepiadaceae

Local name : Akon (As.)

Large, tomentose shrub; bark ash coloured, wrinkled; young parts and under surface of the leaves covered with adpressed white floccose tomentum; leaves ovate-oblong, acute or apiculate, with a narrow cordate or often amplexicaul base, sessile, thick, glaucous green; flowers in umbellate cymes, purplish or white, corolla tubular, lanceolate; seeds oblong.

Distribution :    Occasional in wastelands and often planted.

Uses : Latex is used in piles, ringworm, carbuncle, cough and caries; roots used in insect bite, asthma and in impotency; stem is used in tonsillitis and epilepsy; leaves used in cough, spleen enlargement, piles, cough, whooping cough and asthma.


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