Basella alba L. var. rubra (L.) Stew., Syn. Basella rubra L.

Family : Basellaceae

Local name : Pui-sak, Puroi-sak (As.); Mafrai (Bd.).

Fleshy, climbing herb; stem soft, often tinged with red; leaves fleshy with cordate base, alternate, petiolate, simple, heart-shaped; flowers apetalous, bright; fruits an utricle, globose, reddish or black. (There are two common types in the state, one is totally green in colour and the other is purplish in colour).

Distribution :    Commonly cultivated throughout the state.

Uses :  Roots used in painful swelling of gum, abscess, spermatorrhoea; leaves used in spermatorrhoea, skin allergy and whooping cough.


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